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Episode 49: Good Job and Good Luck in Prison!

Show Notes: This episode is with Special Guest “Big Mike”! The Guys talk about : How far would you go to achieve greatness? How far is too far? Things men will do in prison to survive and general jackassry! Movies: … Continue reading

Episode 16: A Thief In The Night

Show Notes: This week the “Guys” pay their respects to the victims of the Aurora shooting. Then proceed to be all over the place, as usual. ¬†They discuss topics ranging from the Death penalty, camping, Atlantic City, Penn State, The … Continue reading

Episode 5: You Are No Match For The Mighty Thor!

  Today’s episode was our 1 month anniversary show, where we discuss a hodge-podge of topics including the Avengers, coming attractions, polished turds, and a continuation of our always interesting platonic Bromance!