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Episode 43: Cocksure

Show Notes: This is our 1st Anniversary Episode!  Thank you all for sticking with us and continuing to listen to our Hi-Jinx! Sit back relax and take your mind off things for a while “The Guys” talk about:  Their “Oblivion” … Continue reading

Episode 31: Another Step Forward?

Show Notes: The “Guys” talked about the Legalization of Pot in Washington and Colorado, Kids being bullied, the demise of childhood stars, dog attacks and rabies, overpaid actors, plus video game news. Movies: Red Dawn 2012, (1984), Toy Solders, Citadel,Outpost: … Continue reading

Episode 27: Allergic to the “R” Word

Show Notes: The “Guys” covered a ton of topics ranging from auctioning off virginity, prostitution, and Ann Coulter’s comments about President Obama. Plus a whole gang of fun Random Stuff! Movies: Wrong Turn 5, The Devil’s Rock, The Collector, Cockney’s … Continue reading

Episode 13: ‘Till Death Do Us Part!

This weeks shenanigans have  The Guys giving you tips on how to pick up the ladies! They also discuss if they have a standing agreement with their spouse about dating in the event the other is no longer breathing. Everybody’s … Continue reading