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Episode 41: Full-Service

Show Notes: This episode we cover: Rudeness at the pump, Reid Flair, What going on in Kaufman County TX?,  Hockey News, and April Fools Movies: The Croods, VHS, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Rec3 Shows: Game of Thrones, Walking … Continue reading

Episode 18: I Got Your $3- Right Here!

Show Notes: The “Guys” talk about their “Take” on getting panhandled, tipping protocol,  and certain events that do not belong in the Olympics. Movies: Total Recall, The Help, Brotherhood,Brake,Centurion, and Monsters  

Episode 13: ‘Till Death Do Us Part!

This weeks shenanigans have  The Guys giving you tips on how to pick up the ladies! They also discuss if they have a standing agreement with their spouse about dating in the event the other is no longer breathing. Everybody’s … Continue reading

Episode 5: You Are No Match For The Mighty Thor!

  Today’s episode was our 1 month anniversary show, where we discuss a hodge-podge of topics including the Avengers, coming attractions, polished turds, and a continuation of our always interesting platonic Bromance!