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Episode 49: Good Job and Good Luck in Prison!

Show Notes: This episode is with Special Guest “Big Mike”! The Guys talk about : How far would you go to achieve greatness? How far is too far? Things men will do in prison to survive and general jackassry! Movies: … Continue reading

Episode 48: Whiskey A No No!

Kick off the New Year in typical Take 5 style – Late and Hung Over! This episode “The Guys” cover a lot of topics including: Marriage, Super-Bowl, Rocking Out, Drinking, and other ADD laden stories! Movies: Taken 3, Birdman, John … Continue reading

Episode 47: A Snake in the Grass

Welcome Back to the Show Bitches! It has been far too long! The Guys dive in head first with their usual shit talking ranging from topics such as dopey parents leaving their kids in HOT cars and poor theater etiquette. … Continue reading

Episode 46: Sabbatical

We’re Back From The Summer and School is Back in Session: The Guys shake some rust off from the old trombone in this episode as they try to get back into the podcast groove.  We recapped our summer activities and … Continue reading

Episode 45: Rolling with the Punches

Show Notes: The Guys have had a pretty action packed 3 weeks:  This episode they covered Mother’s Day, an unexpected detour, current events and the NHL Playoffs! Movies: Warm Bodies, The Host, Aftershock, This is 40 TV: Hannibal, Revenge, The … Continue reading

Episode 44: Cradled

Show Notes: Ted and Kev spout off about Celebrity Cancer, A Samurai Bishop Hero, Beautiful People, Prego Parking, Strapless Dresses and more Bathroom Etiquette. Movies: Olympus Has Fallen, Fat Kid Rules The World, To The Wonder TV: Hemlock Grove Polished … Continue reading

Episode 43: Cocksure

Show Notes: This is our 1st Anniversary Episode!  Thank you all for sticking with us and continuing to listen to our Hi-Jinx! Sit back relax and take your mind off things for a while “The Guys” talk about:  Their “Oblivion” … Continue reading

Episode 42: Armed Robbery

Show Notes: This episode we covered all the bases: The attempted suicide in a Home Depot in LA, ESPN and their coverage of the UFC, being present, NCAA Championships, Gun Debate and Kevin reviews the Evil Dead! RIP – Roger … Continue reading

Episode 41: Full-Service

Show Notes: This episode we cover: Rudeness at the pump, Reid Flair, What going on in Kaufman County TX?,  Hockey News, and April Fools Movies: The Croods, VHS, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Rec3 Shows: Game of Thrones, Walking … Continue reading

Episode 40: With a Pinch of Overkill

Show Notes: This episode  “The Guys” talk about: Evil Dead, Kevin Ware, Gaming, and inappropriate touching . Plus Kevin gives a “Shout – Out” to his Mom! Movies: Evil Dead -‘Nuff Said