Ted Odeh is a husband, father and cancer survivor who resides in the  suburbs outside of Philadelphia.  He is an outdoor enthusiast , freelance writer and podcaster who enjoys traveling and sharing his experiences.  Ted is an avid reader, self-professed nerd and loves the art of shit talking! His loves beyond his family include hockey, kevin smith, zombie movies, the walking dead (comic book and TV series), daredevil, the new girl, the Transporter, Jason Statham, There’s Something About Mary, Joe Rogan, MMA, basically a love for all things entertainment!  Ted was raised on a lot of bad TV in his household and somehow that cathode ray tubed babysitter has made an indelible impression in shaping who he is today!

Kevin Hudak aka “doodle” is a self-proclaimed bad-ass. He is a husband, and a proud Dad to his Piglet and 2 dogs (Axel and Ellie). He also resides outside of Philadelphia, where he was born and raised. He is just a big kid at heart. Loves watching TNA Impact Wrestling.  He enjoys video games, all sports ,especially hockey and has a great love for his Detroit Red Wings.  Kevin is passionate about music and is an avid concert goer “It’s these words and music that keep me livin, keep me breathing” ~ Life of Agony
Kevin appreciates all film and cinema. His favorite actors are John Cusack, and Nicolas Cage. He’s a sucker for a good chick- flick and at times lets his emotions get the best of him. With his “Dukes of Hazzard” lunch box he wandered through adolescence learning from shows the likes of “Saved by the Bell”, “Married with Children”, “Tales From The Crypt”, “Dream On”,and of course “Beavis and Butt-head”, it’s a wonder he turned out to be this great!

Remember sarcasm is a gift – You’re Welcome…Oh 4 Real!


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