Episode 39: Patchwork

Show Notes:

The bulk of this episode features an Entertainment rundown of things we watched recently.  Some fresh and not so fresh offerings we finally got a chance to see.


Human Centipede 2, Dead Man Down, The Call, Oz the Great and Powerful, Cockneys vs. Zombies, and Evil Dead


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2 Responses to Episode 39: Patchwork

  1. Jason Cabot says:

    I’m gonna recommend This is 40. Great movie with lots of crude humor. Gotta rent the unrated version though. I’m a big fan of Leslie Mann, plus she shows her boobs again. She’s such a hottie. Also stars Paul Rudd who’s equally funny. Check it out if ya haven’t seen it

  2. john Hovanec says:

    Try watching the perfect weapon, it has Jeff speekman in it, lots of action, 1991 film.

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