Episode 34: New Year- Unchained!

Show Notes:
Happy New Year Take 5’ers! First show of the New Year! The guys comeback strong from the holiday break with rants about zombies, gun control, The Amish, and other fun current events.
Django Unchained , The Man With The Iron Fists, This Is 40, Killing Them Softly, Felon, Trouble With The Curve, Campaign, Bernie, Immortals, Lawless

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3 Responses to Episode 34: New Year- Unchained!

  1. john hovanec says:

    Hi Ted, I was watching a movie Caledonia the third weel with Luke Wilson, thought maby you’d b interested in watching it, its a movie u could probably watch with your wife, kinda a romantic comedy about this Guy asks this girl out on a date after a year and end up tagging along this homeless Guy they hit with his car and ends up annoying them through the whole date, hope I didn’t give away too much, enjoy.

    • says:

      Hi John,

      Happy New Year to you! Hope your holidays were good! Thanks for the recommendation and your continued support! The Third Wheel looks pretty good! I’m excited to check it out this weekend! It looks like it has a strong cast with Ben Affleck, Luke Wilson, and Denise Richards. I’ll make sure I talk about it on the next show!

      Look after yourself and stay well!

      Cheers ~ Ted

  2. john hovanec says:

    Called the third week, typo

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