Episode 31: Another Step Forward?

Show Notes:
The “Guys” talked about the Legalization of Pot in Washington and Colorado, Kids being bullied, the demise of childhood stars, dog attacks and rabies, overpaid actors, plus video game news.

Movies: Red Dawn 2012, (1984), Toy Solders, Citadel,Outpost: Black Sun


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3 Responses to Episode 31: Another Step Forward?

  1. john hovanec says:

    How bout watchin Johnny suede! One of Brad Pitts earlier movies. (1991)

  2. Ted says:

    Hi John!

    I have not seen Johnny Suede, but looks like a fun movie. The user reviews on IMDB seem pretty positive. I’m having trouble getting my hands on a copy of this movie but will try my hardest to see it. Thanks for the recommendation and hope you enjoy your Holiday Season! Cheers~ Ted

  3. john hovanec says:

    Sorry Ted, I accidentally posted the right movie on the wrong episode.

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