Episode 22: I Brought Cookies!

Show Notes:
After a short Hiatus The “Guys” are back!  Blowing out there pent up stories, and movie reviews from the past 2 weeks!
Stories: Fake Twitter Deaths, Lance Armstrong, Nicholas  Cage DVD rental debacle, Russian Extreme Marriage Proposal

Movies: Premium Rush, Assassination Games ,  Battleship, Hunger Games

Polished Turds:
Wrong Turn 4, Back To School


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2 Responses to Episode 22: I Brought Cookies!

  1. Jason Harris says:

    These are NOT great horror films, but Kev and Ted you should check out2 films i saw recently on NetFlix streaming…

    “The Traveler” – Val Kilmer deadpans a creepy role as “Mr Nobody”. Overall look and feel of the film is grimy, dark and works. Good premise – a guy walks into a police station to confess to 6 murders that have not happened … YET. But plotholes and overused/recycled footage happens WAY too often. Still, aside from the inconsistencies, it’s definitely succeeds as a dark and creepy movie.

    “The Gravedancers” – I checked this one out as it is one of the rare movies starring Sports Illustrated model Josie Maran. She has a small role, but is gorgeous. Plot is decent, feels like “Drag Me to Hell”, borrowing elements and look of movies such as “the Frighteners”, and “Army of Darkness” … and you can see lots of the horror influences in the directors choices.

    Both are low budget movies, and it shows… but i was freaked out. Probably both would qualify more as a ‘polished turd LOL But hey, horror is not my first choice so i don’t know if that is really an endorsement.

  2. doodlex says:

    What’s up Jason!

    I haven’t seen “The Traveler” but I am willing to check it out especially since Val Kilmer is in it. Should be Fun!

    I actually have seen “The Gravedancers” with Dominic Purcell (Blade3 and Prison Break) it was one of the Fearnet 8 Movies to Die for. I liked it! Definietly a Polished Turd though.

    Thanks as always for your input and hope to see you @ Kev’s later!

    Cheers~ Ted

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