Episode 20: Sabertooth Special

Show Notes:
The “Guys” pay tribute to the ladies of the older persuasion. These ladies are still  holding it together after all these years!
Kev and Ted have trouble calculating ages while suffering from reduced blood flow!

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10 Responses to Episode 20: Sabertooth Special

  1. Jason Harris says:

    … uh, ummmm what an erm.. unusual show, dudes! LOL

    OK, so my short list of beautiful, accomplished women over 50:
    Joan Chen, Meg Ryan, Rene Russo, Geena Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Andie MacDowell, Sally Field, Katie Couric, Isabella Rossellini, and yeah Sophia Loren was/is a great Italian beauty but IS quite old now… I guess you could say this is roughly in ‘order’..

    I did not spend too much time on this list, but yeah all are confirmed over 50 by Wikipedia info.

    i can think of SOOO many talented, beautiful and accomplished women over 40…

    • Ted says:

      Hi Jason!
      I’m glad you embraced your love for the experienced ladies! I can almost see your internal struggle deciding whether or not to participate in this lunacy, but I’m glad you gave in to the “dark” side! Thanks for sharing your list! Nice picks brother!
      Cheers ~ Ted

  2. Jason Harris says:

    add to my list Patricia Clarkson, Gina Gershon, Lea Thompson…

    OK, so i’d say it was a 3 way tie for 1st place between Joan Chen, Gina Gershon, and Meg Ryan.

    🙂 Yeah.

  3. Jason Harris says:

    haha OK last one – Paula Abdul i’m surprised to see she is 50!

  4. Jason Harris says:

    Nastassja Kinski… did not know she was over 50 either!

    hmmm.. Joan Chen, Gina Gershon and Nastassja Kinski for my top 3 then. LOL OK i have definitely spent enough time on this

  5. john hovanec says:

    U guys should do the show all drunked up! That would be funny as shit! Haaaaaaaaa!

    • Ted says:

      Hi John –
      Good Suggestion! We will have to pick a day when we both have absolutely nothing going on and no one to be responsible for! Although on my best days I feel like I’m at least a little impaired. Thanks brother! Don’t forget to let us know who you favorite Sabertooth’s are! We’d be interested in knowing!


  6. john hovanec says:

    I have to think and hard about that one, its hard to pick one but I’ll let u know. ‘

  7. phenomx19 says:

    well hello there everyone…..I def love the pixx Sally Field, Meg Ryan, Lea Thompson and Paula Abdul. I have been attracted to Sally forever now, she still looks good to me, can’t believe she slipped by me. Meg is and has always been a very cute women. Lea WOW I have and will always be super attracted to her, she changes my hole list around something fierce. Paula all be it a little crazy it seems, still looks pretty good.
    The Joan Chen thing I’m not feeling, but to each their own…
    Ted my friend, your practically half a retard…Cheers thunder buddy, lmb!!! lol

    • Jason Harris says:

      uh… i have had a .. mild obsession, LOL with Joan Chen since i saw her in the really odd film from the mid 90’s called Wild Side. She is in that crazy movie with Anne Heche and Christopher Walken. Walken plays one of his signature outlandish characters, and has almost too much fun with his role – it’s really over the top. LOL

      There is a looooong steamy and very realistic lesbian love scene between Anne Heche and Joan Chen’s character – it’s about 5-6 minutes long in the version i have seen and in the illegal, ‘banned’ director’s cut i have never seen and only available in the UK supposedly its more than 10 min longer. supposedly the releasing studio forcibly cut more than a half hour from the movie the director had wanted to leave in. the comments on the Amazon and Netflix pages are pretty funny – there are alot of people very errr, passionate about this aspect of the film. The missing content.. LOL Also if internet rumors are to be believed the director committed suicide when his version was banned and edited down to the much shorter version by the releasing studio. This was before Anne Heche had officially come out of the closet and her relationship with Ellen Degeneres, i guess??? who knows…

      Anyway, i have only seen Joan Chen in a few other roles, most of her movie roles were not American releases… but i think my seeing this kinda rare film, at least the version available here back when i worked for Blockbuster… it’s probably where i decided that Asian women were incredibly beautiful. if you can, check out this wacky movie! i’ve liked Joan Chen since 1996 LOL she was and is gorgeous. Now i think she works mostly as a director and film producer.

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