Episode 18: I Got Your $3- Right Here!

Show Notes:
The “Guys” talk about their “Take” on getting panhandled, tipping protocol, ¬†and¬†certain events that do not belong in the Olympics.
Movies: Total Recall, The Help, Brotherhood,Brake,Centurion, and Monsters


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8 Responses to Episode 18: I Got Your $3- Right Here!

  1. Dan Bristow says:

    its like ted and his special friend for the first 35 mins and you should work on getting a phone line so we can call in

  2. phenomx19 says:

    Hey man…not sure I understand, are you calling me “special”, haha. Yeah one of these days maybe we can go live and/or have special guests…fun show!

  3. Dan Bristow says:

    no i mean special in the way your parents say not to hurt your feelings lmao i kid man great show as always

    • phenomx19 says:

      my mom always used to call me a ray of sunshine…now I know what she meant all those years, lol thanks bro

  4. Jason Harris says:

    I thought Centurion was an EXCELLENT movie, fantastic cast, great story… I actually like it a bit better than Gladiator as it is more believable. As in it is theoretical, but more based on fact and historically accurate. These historical ‘fantasies’ are one of my favorite genres and we just don’t get movies like this that often. Olga Kurlyenko IS gorgeous, and if you like her you should track down a copy of this movie – The Assassin Next Door. Incredible hard hitting movie. Both Centurion and Assassin Next Door used to be on NetFlix, i don’t know if they are currently. she is also in a kinda weird, unsettling drama called The Ring Finger … also on NetFlix but only on DVD. I believe it is a French movie, but i can’t recall how much of it is is subtitled as i watched it 2 years ago.

    Micheal Fassbender was really great in this movie, as well as some recent movies i have also seen – Haywire, Inglorious Basterds, and Prometheus. Great character actor, and good at pulling off an action role.

    Haywire was a decent but kind of incoherent action flick … it wants to be a Jason Bourne style movie, and stars the excellent real-life fighter Gina Carano. it was written expressly for her talents, and is her first movie role. She does OK, it’s a case where they seem to think they have a script on par with a mindbender like Memento, which is not really the case – but her natural agility makes the fight scenes at least interesting to watch. Obviously Gina is pretty hot, and she has a natural charisma onscreen. 3 stars from me.

    Movies i have seen from NetFlix (DVD) in the past few weeks:
    Highwaymen, Dear John, Gone, Columbiana, Haywire, Tekken, It Might Get Loud, Hesher, The Lucky Ones, Cougars, Inc., Sucker Punch, Just Go with It, Complacent, An Invisible Sign

    I’d give all of them at least 2-3 stars on the NetFlix rating system.

  5. Ted says:

    Hi Jason –

    Thanks for the post! I know I didn’t enjoy Centurion as much as you, but you win some you lose some. I do like Olga Kurlyenko! Thanks for recommending The Assassin Next Door. I will have to fast track that one in my Que.

    I’m a big Gina Carrano fan! I thought Haywire was average, and pretty good considering it was her acting debut. I had really high expectations for this movie. I just thought the storyline was a little flat (no fault of Gina C. at all), but all in all an enjoyable movie. What I really like about Gina Carrano was that she seemed to be a REAL person. She is athletic but retains an endearing natural beauty. Her skin is not perfect in the movie and she has curves like a real woman! I really hope to see her in more things and I would like to see her evolve into a talented actress who can kick-ass as well!

    Cheers ~ Ted

  6. john hovanec says:

    If u haven’t allready seen this movie, u got to see seven with Brad pit and morgen freman, its kinda twisted but all an all I thought it was pretty good, hopefully you guys will like it too.

  7. phenomx19 says:

    Hey John, I love how some of the greatest movies of all time, in my opinion of course, sometimes take us so long to find. Thats the case here with SEVEN, I rank this movie side by side, and in the same breath of a conversation as FIGHT CLUB. Both this movies are a 10 in my book. I remember seeing both of these films in the theatre and was and still am blown away by both how masterful they are, and how they are both so different from most films. They are both outside the box, but in a great way…what’s in the box? later k
    If had to choose one film over the other though, I would put SEVEN just ahead of FIGHT CLUB, but only by about .1%…love them both

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