Episode 17: Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner!

Show Notes:
Today’s episode the “Guys” tackle the Chik-Fil-A controversy, review the Dark Knight Rises and The Watch. They also share their ┬átop 10 favorite TV shows! Sprinkled with a few choice personal tales – all told an epic cobbled together 3hr extravaganza!
Remember – If you woke up today it’s because Jack Bauer spared your life!

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8 Responses to Episode 17: Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner!

  1. john hovanec says:

    Any body want to buy some shoes? I have all but. 1 season of married with children, my favorite eps is the one where he bumps his head and little green aliens come to take his socks and peg thinks he’s crazy! Timeless!

  2. Dan Bristow says:

    hey guys added a friends of section to my website and added you guys , and as for the chik fila thing they have all rights to voice his belief , now if he was Muslim and voiced views of Islam and said all gays should be stoned would they protest? im not religious but i see the attacks on chistianity that happen in this country and the double standard when it comes to Islam from the left . being an independent i strongly stand for the constitution and its freedom of speak and of religion not from speach and so on

  3. Dan Bristow says:

    first off knuckle heads lol its the I T crowd its about a the I T department at a big company he directed submarine he also is part of that whole noel fielding russel brand crowd mighty boosh and so forth he is a brilliant comedian writer and actor and shame on you for not contacting me for the British tv info shame shame shame

  4. Ted says:

    John – Married With Children rocks! You know what’s up! Ed O’Neil is the BEST! POLK HIGH Football Rules! Cheers ~ Ted

  5. Ted says:

    Hi Dan –

    Thanks for the link on your website! We appreciate it!
    About the I T Crowd – Tomato, Tamahto – Regardless, I think we are in agreement that Richard Ayoade is a really talented and hilarious fella! If Kev and I ever really knew what we were gonna talk about more than a few minutes ahead of time, you would have been more than welcomed to join in the show! Cheers ~ Ted

  6. Dan Bristow says:

    top ten great UK shows you need to check out

    10 QI a panel show with stephen fry as host
    9 never mind the buzz cocks panel show pop music host vary over 22 yrs
    8 blacks book
    7 is it bill bailey
    6 red dwarf
    5 doctor who starting 1964
    4 shameless UK
    3 peep show
    2 doc martin
    1 coupling

    • Dan Bristow says:

      more i think about it i want to rewrite my list

      10 Never mind the buzzcocks
      9 pep show
      8 (2 way tie )A Bit of Fry & Laurie /Qi
      7 (tied) noel fieldings luxury comedy /mighty boosh
      6 blacks book
      5 is it bill bailey
      4 doc martin
      3 Shameless Uk
      2 (3 way tie ) Doctor who starting 1964/ It crowd /Red dwarf
      1 coupling

  7. Dan Bristow says:

    my list for top ten of all time goes way off the chart from you guys lol

    10 Transformers generation 1
    9 Iron chef
    8 Top Gear
    7 Taxi
    6 the cosby show
    5 i love lucy
    4 coupling
    3 Shameless
    2 Doctor who
    1 MASH

    the clock on 24 ruined it for me and i hate kiefer as much as i hate jodie foster and Matthew McConaughey sienfield never did anything for me i never laughed i tried , serious reality tv has ruined commercial tv for me in general

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