Monthly Archives: August 2012

Episode 21: Double-Dippin’

Show Notes: The “Guys” talk about breaking bread,symptoms of our fallen society,rudeness,silly news stories, Tony Scott Movies/TV:Expendables 2,Hunger Games,The Stand,Vertigo,Strike Back,News Room,Copper,Coma Polished Turds:Stone Cold, The Three Stooges Homework: Do a good deed for your fellow man and expect nothing … Continue reading

Episode 20: Sabertooth Special

Show Notes: The “Guys” pay tribute to the ladies of the older persuasion. These ladies are still  holding it together after all these years! Kev and Ted have trouble calculating ages while suffering from reduced blood flow!

Episode 19: Hair There And Everywhere

Show Notes: The “Guys” chat about Miley Cyrus’s new “Do” and say WTF on that subject! Today’s topics covered include:  grooming etiquette, feet, people walking around with their mouths open, pets in strollers,and car issues. Movies: 127 Hours,Everything Must Go,The … Continue reading

Episode 18: I Got Your $3- Right Here!

Show Notes: The “Guys” talk about their “Take” on getting panhandled, tipping protocol,  and certain events that do not belong in the Olympics. Movies: Total Recall, The Help, Brotherhood,Brake,Centurion, and Monsters  

Episode 17: Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner!

Show Notes: Today’s episode the “Guys” tackle the Chik-Fil-A controversy, review the Dark Knight Rises and The Watch. They also share their  top 10 favorite TV shows! Sprinkled with a few choice personal tales – all told an epic cobbled … Continue reading