Episode 16: A Thief In The Night

Show Notes:
This week the “Guys” pay their respects to the victims of the Aurora shooting. Then proceed to be all over the place, as usual.  They discuss topics ranging from the Death penalty, camping, Atlantic City, Penn State, The Olympics,  and our favorite snack choices.  Movies: The Dark Knight Rises, Get The Gringo, Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, Jack and Jill
Polished Turd: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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5 Responses to Episode 16: A Thief In The Night

  1. john hovanec says:

    I don’t care what any body says, the should put that pathetic excuse for a human being to death, what he did was evil with no regard for human life!

  2. Ted says:

    Hi John-

    I tend to agree with you on that! What a shameful and cowardly act! Kev and I just got back from watching the Dark Knight Rises and we both felt a little uneasy when the movie first started en light of what happened in recent events. We even noticed that they had a manager hanging out in the front of the theater as we came in to find our seats, just showing their presence I guess. Cheers ~ Ted

  3. Dan Bristow says:

    dont forget menace 2 society there were shootings when that was in the theaters

  4. Dan Bristow says:

    i cant stand kristen but she has been in a ton of movies way before twilight

  5. doodlex says:

    Hi Dan-

    I totally forgot about the menace 2 society shootings. Why do people have to be such douches? Regarding Kristen Stewart – she has been in a ton of stuff, but I totally think she is over-rated. Her acting is wooden at best, but I guess it never hurts to have both her parents in the “biz”! I suppose you could say Hollywood and nepotism go hand in hand!

    Thanks for contributing !

    Cheers ~ Ted

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