Episode 15: …Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Show Notes:
The Guys tell stories about, The Tilted Kilt outing , Everyday Life, Technology, News, and Raining Chairs! ┬áMovies Discussed: Batman Dark Knight Rises, Safe House, Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows, Dead Alive, The Hunter, The Inbetweeners, Cobra.
Polished Turds: The Collector, and Jersey Girl

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5 Responses to Episode 15: …Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

  1. Dan Bristow says:

    thanks for the plug guys keep up a great show ill comment as the show goes on if i have anything to add

  2. Dan Bristow says:

    a donkey punch is when your doing a girl doggie style and you punch her in the back of the head

    • Dan Bristow says:

      there is a variations pearl harbor its when you are doing a girl doggie and they you drop the forearm across her back

      the you got rodeo sex where you doing the same then you lack on to her as tight as possible and whisper her sister or best friends name in her ear and see if you can hold on for 8 secs

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