Episode 12: Hey, I’m trying to be Nice Here!

Show Notes:
Hey Take5’ers – Support the show by checking out our new Merch Shop! The guys are back and talking sh*t as usual. They discuss Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Something Borrowed, Boy Wonder, and Rampage!  The guys open up about things that bring out the OCD in them, douchey childhood memories, and  the lost art of respect!

P.S. – Come Hang With The Guys! Saturday 7/14/2012 @ Tilted Kilt in King of Prussia from 8pm – ?  See ya there Bitches  #Beer…

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2 Responses to Episode 12: Hey, I’m trying to be Nice Here!

  1. john hovanec says:

    If guys haven’t seen the abyss its worth a watch, I though the story was good and very entertaining!

    • Ted says:

      Hi John-
      Thanks for the recommendation on Abyss! I saw it once a while ago but I’m gonna have to revisit it. Hope you have a great Independence Day and I look forward to seeing you at the Tilted Kilt! Cheers~ Ted

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