Episode 11: Pins and Needles

In this episode the Take5er’s talk about Prometheus, Snow White and The Huntsman, Inglourious Bastards, Rampage, Kidnapped,¬†embarrassing moments, and as always our Polished Turds!

Polished Turds: Out Cold and That’s My Boy

Funny exchange on Smart Car Twitter Account:

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4 Responses to Episode 11: Pins and Needles

  1. john hovanec says:

    I remember one time I was in swim class and the girls were laughing at me cause they could see I had a boner when I got out of the water, very awkward.

  2. john hovanec says:

    This was in like 6th or 7th grade by the way.

  3. phenomx19 says:

    hey man, no shame in getting a stiffy in front of the ladies, better then in front of some guys. Young age though so I can see how it would have been awkward for you. # Boner

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