Episode 10: Screwjob!

Episode 10: Screwjob! The Guys give their “take” on the Manny Pacquio and Timothy Bradley fight.  The rest of this episode scratches their ADD itch as it is really all over the place – they discuss topics ranging from, DUI, drinking with child, Stanley Cup, getting felt up at the doctors office, more bathroom violations, movies and of course our Polished Turds – Sanctum and Diggstown.

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7 Responses to Episode 10: Screwjob!

  1. Jason Harris says:

    Here is a recommendation for an interesting film from a first time director … the movie After.Life

    I saw it through DVD from NetFlix last night. An ODD film, kind of in the vein of films such as “One Hour Photo”, “Psycho” and seemingly borrowing elements of the “Sixth Sense” … it is a dark drama starring Liam Neeson, Cristina Ricci and Justin Long as the principle actors.

    Neeson is a mortician, well respected in his small town. Ricci suffers a traumatic car accident, and “wakes up” on the mortuary slab, asking … “Am i dead??? I can’t be dead… Why can’t i move?” … and the viewer slowly is worked through her experiences trying to answer that question. It leads up to a finale that does not definitively answer the dilemma, but the viewer is given clues along the way to determine her true fate…

    Decent performances aside, the pacing is a bit SLOW and erratic at times, but the framing and set design is very well done for a small first feature. Also, the waifish, ethereal Ricci is perfectly nude for half of the film, so if you ever wanted to see looong panning shots of her and her breasts… this is THE movie for that. Fun Fact. LOL

    The DVD has a special feature worth watching, where the director breaks down her genesis of the idea for the film concept, and the TRUE answer of what happened.

    The film is worth watching, for dark drama, horror fans looking for an interesting and somewhat subtly nuanced story. I rated it as a 2 star movie on NetFlix, your mileage may vary.

    • doodlex says:

      Hi Jason!

      Thanks bro for the comments! Really great to hear from you and I will definitely check out your recommendation on After Life. (Can’t wait to see Ricci 😉

      I really enjoyed Prometheus, however I went into it not know anything about it. I can understand why you would be disappointed by this offering especially if you had such high hopes for it. Honestly, though the person I went to see the movie with felt the same way as you did, and thought some of the plot choices were strange and didn’t like the direction the film went.

      I to feel like I need to watch the film a few more times to really hone my opinion and thoughts of some of the finer plot choices that Lindloff and Scott had made in this film.

      I recently saw Bladerunner for the 1st time last night – (I think I saw it once when I was younger, but given my age and spotty memory I’ll take a mulligan on that and just say that it was truly my virgin viewing of this film!) Ridley Scott also directed this film and there are many parallels and consistent themes that made an appearance in Prometheus. I thought that was very interesting and it is considered by more than a few folks to be one of the best films ever made.

      I liked it and it raised some very interesting questions especially if you consider that this movie was made back in 1982. Non the less if you haven’t seen it you should really check it out and since you have already seen Prometheus you may draw some of the same commonalities that I picked up on.

      I do think Prometheus is the perfect vehicle to invite endless discussions about the big questions of the universe, and to me I find myself captivated and wanting to learn more. In my book, although the movie leaves you with more questions than answers I’m somehow alright with that, because the subject matter they are attempting to tackle is SO challenging and in the end no one really knows the answers. “It’s what YOU choose to believe” that really matters!


  2. Jason Harris says:

    anybody else seen Prometheus yet? saw it this weekend. was beautifully shot, but i was kinda underwhelmed by some of the plot points and characters, etc. it was THE film i wanted to see this year … you would think after 30 years of preparation this return to sci-fi by director Ridley Scott would have been absolutely incredible!!! it instead felt rushed the further it went along. Opening first 30 minutes were masterful…! and it became steadily less coherent as the film sped along, unfortunately. Definitely would like to see it a few more times, maybe on DVD as the director’s cut … i have a feeling he had to drop/change some footage at ‘studio request’ …

  3. Jason Harris says:

    The film Prometheus was beautifully shot, but had many odd character and story choices and i can only hope the eventual Director’s cut will be much longer and help define and fill in the gaps this theatrical release seems to present.

  4. john hovanec says:

    I saw cabin in the woods, this is a movie u need to check out if u haven’t already seen it, it was very interesting, I. Thohght it was very suspecfull if u like gorry movies.’

  5. john hovanec says:

    The premis of the movie wasn’t quite what I expected but as it went along I found it be fantasy like.

  6. john hovanec says:

    U have to use your imagination

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