Episode 8: This Is Your Brain On Meth!

Episode 8: This Is Your Brain On Meth! In the episode the Guys talk about a real- life zombie attack! Clint Eastwood’s daughter burning a $100K bag for the sake of art, Chernobyl Diaries, Battleship, Dark Shadows, PontyPool ┬áplus the polished turd of the week!

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3 Responses to Episode 8: This Is Your Brain On Meth!

  1. john hovanec says:

    If your in to martial arts try blood and bone, great fighting sequences, you’ll love it! (

    • phenomx19 says:

      yeah, I have heard of this movie before and I’ll be sure to check it out soon… thanks

  2. Jason Harris says:

    I saw Battleship. Had a “free” ticket from Regal, earned from the Regal crown card.

    I had looooow expectations for this movie, mainly seeing it because i had a free ticket, and i wanted to support Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker being in the movie.

    Have to agree with Ted though, the movie is actually kinda well done. It’s just a HORRIBLY stupid premise to base the movie on a board game!!! It’s so forced in that it begs the question WHY did they think that was a good idea? They create several plot holes, and unresolved questions, but at the same time create some decent concepts and characters. The main character acts like the Captain Kirk seen in the newly re-booted Star Trek. An OK job acting, but nothing special. Rihanna does a good job hiding behind her uniform and having her hair in her face all the movie, to seem more “real” and less of a diva in her character – but still feels really miscast. The dude with the “OOOOOOh” face line for the movie Office Space is kinda amusing in this movie as a lunkheaded Navy grunt. Liam Neeson has very little to work with in this unfortunate script. Brooklyn Decker is a very beautiful woman, but they give her very little to do, and play it IMHO way too safe for this being her second movie. Give her something to say, so we can see if she is able to make the true transition from model to actress! They should have given her a little more to work with as well. The Navy old-timers are pretty cool, and i was thrilled to hear that the disabled soldier was playing himself in the movie – he was excellent!

    The Aliens are well done, and look pretty cool. However, they do so many odd things that are never explained … the “green” and red” targeting? Why are they here with such a small force? WHY are they here???! It looks like they wanted to make a sequel, as there is a secret scene after all the credits roll, that runs for 3 minutes and makes little sense.

    The movie just feels like they had a dozen halfway decent ideas for a rather unoriginal Sci-Fi invasion of the Earth movie…. and forcefully shoehorned in the ridiculous premise that the invasion had to play by the rules (and not all of them) of a popular and simple board game. Such a stupid idea. Oh well.

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