Episode 4: I Need A Hero!

Episode 4: I Need A Hero! – In honor of the official kick off of the blockbuster season with the opening of the Avengers on Friday 5/4/2012. ┬áTed and Kev give their take on their favorite super hero movies – (past and present) They also discuss movies that completely missed the mark. Whether you agree or disagree it is a whole lot of fun!

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4 Responses to Episode 4: I Need A Hero!

  1. Jason Cabot says:

    This talk show is a great one. Two regular Guys just taking the shit. Gotta love it, and they have great advice also. My advice, Check em out!!

  2. Ian Barnaik says:

    I like to listen you , good start to your show. I feel like I am talking to you just not able to get my point in. Here is where I can have some counter points to you conversation.

    You both say you dont like reboots , then talk about how much you love Nolans Batman films. They are a reboot , a damn good one , but they are a reboot. Eight years separate Batman and robin and batman begins. Warner brothers will be rebooting Batman again also , Nolan said this is his last. Rumors say they will change everything trying to do what Marvel is doing to build to a Justice League movie. ( Superman , Wonder Woman , Batman , Flash , Green Lantern )
    You also made comments about actors not being more then one superhero , then saying how much you enjoy Ryan Renolds as Green Lantern. As a reminder he played 2 comic heroes before Green Lantern. Hannibal King in Blade 3 , then ( as you did mention ) Deadpool in Wolverine. Its a nit pick , but it is a fact. He also did sign to be Deadpool in a Deadpool movie before he signed on Green Lantern , but the movie never got off the floor. Last I heard it was being written by the guys that made Zombieland.
    Lastly , about Spider man. You both are upset about the reboot. There is 5 years between the last Spider man movie and this new one and Rami wasnt going to make anymore and the cast wasnt either without Rami…….There is so much to say about all of this. This will be different , not saying the same story. They are going to be much closer to the story of spidey then the Rami movies. Spidey didnt face green goblin for years , Mary jane was not his first love , showed up MUCH later , and HE had ORGANIC WEBS. Spider man uses science for his webbing , he wears web blasters !!!
    You should check out Andrew Garfields work , he is a real good actor , check out ” Never Let Me Go ” – awesome Dystopian like movie about a fucked up society using clones for parts. He was also good in the Social Network.
    The director made a good movie for you to watch with your wives ” 500 days of summer ”

    I am a Major Comic Reader , so this stuff hits home. I loved the episode , but have tons of opinions , but I said enough. Keep up the good work

    • says:

      Hi Ian!

      Hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that I saw “Never Let Me Go” with Andrew Garfield, Keir Knightley, and Carey Mulligan. It is really a bittersweet love story, and I have to admit this type of movie really is not my favorite because it is really dark subject matter, but I thought Garfield did a great job in it. I really was impressed by Carey Mulligan who conveyed so much emotion without saying so much as a word in some scenes! Thanks for recommending that movie I did enjoy it!



  3. Ian Barnaik says:

    Here is my top 5 Comic movies
    5 – The Dark Knight
    4 – Kick ass
    3 – X2 ( maybe X men first class should be here )
    2 – Spider Man 2
    1 – Captain America

    some comic movie you might not know are comic movie you should check out are – 300 , A History of Violence , From Hell , Road to Perdition , The Crow , and V for Vendetta

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